Academic Resources

Listed below are PDF links for a number of Mechanical Engineering pre-requisites and electives. These notes were taken by professional note takers who were hired and paid by Bookholders. There are a number of additional course notes available if you follow this link TerpNotes.

Please note: This is not a substitute for going to class, however, may help clarify certain topics or points of confusion in your course.

ENES220- Mechanics 2 (Bonenburger)

ENES221- Dynamics (Duncan)

ENME332- Heat Transfer (Kim)

ENME454- Vehicle Dynamics (Schultz)

MATH141- Calculus 2 (Johnson)

MATH141- Calculus 2 (Kueker)

MATH241- Calculus 3 (Kolesar)

MATH241- Calculus 3 (Margetis)

MATH246- Differential Equations (Gallifent)

MATH246- Differential Equations (Lipsman)

MATH246- Differential Equations (Tzavaras)

PHYS161- Physics 1 (Nandikotkur)

PHYS260- Physics 2 (Ellis)