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Chapter Membership

Joining our chapter is easy. Simply:

  1. Check out our membership guide for details.
  2. Join ASME on Terplink.
  3. Like the ASME Facebook page to receive updates about meetings and events.
  4. Fill out this form to gain swipe access to the ASME lounge in EGR 1107. This form will also ask you about your $25 payment method to become an ASME National member. National membership is not required to come to events, but it is a requirement if you would like lounge access. (**If you are a freshman, you are exempt from the payment. Instead go to this website and join using the instructions.)
  5. Congrats! You’re officially an ASME UMD member!
  6. Join our Facebook group and GroupMe to get the most recent updates of events on campus!
  7. Follow us on Instagram!

National Membership

Although a national membership is not required to attend events, it is required to gain lounge access. With a national membership also comes various professional development tools, networking opportunities, and great resume builders! You can see more detailed information about student discounts, scholarship opportunities through ASME, and technical resources.

Registration is FREE for freshmen and $25 for undergraduates. Fill out the forms above if you would like to be a member.